It all started when...

nekodigital* was founded by Christine Brewis in early 2017 with the aim of bringing big strategy, to small businesses.

After a number of years working both agency-side and in-house across Production, Development and Marketing teams for local, national, international and FTSE-listed companies, Christine decided to take her experience and use it for good - to work with small, passionate businesses and start-ups to provide the digital strategy and support they need to grow.

So whether you're a one-man (or woman) band needing a beautiful website to showcase your services, want to understand how you could use Social Media for your business, have a new digital product you would like support launching or simply have a question you just can't answer, nekodigital* can help.


We can work with you on...

  • Website Design and Build - planning, designing, building and launching your perfect digital shopfront
  • Site Optimisation - making your site run faster, look better and convert more customers
  • Social Strategy - helping your Social posts reach further, and engage more people
  • Email Marketing - using email to turn prospects into leads, and leads into customers
  • Search Marketing - working to get the right people finding your business in search engines
  • Paid Advertising - getting the best bang for your buck with paid digital adverts
  • Content Creation - writing content that turns people on to your business
  • Technical Assistance - demystifying domain names, easing you into custom email