We're proud of the work that we do...

We're lucky to have worked with a range of clients so far, from modern art curators to builders and everything in between. Whether the brief is big or small, or you don't even have a brief yet, we're confident we can help.


Website Design and Build, Facebook Business Page Set-Up and Copywriting

We were approached by Al Lawrie, owner and director of AC Lawrie Professional Builders, to produce a clean, professional website which clearly presented the range of services his company offers, as well as highlighting recent renovation projects. 

Working with the team at AC Lawrie, we were able to efficiently establish a minimalist, yet approachable, site design, and produce the content that was needed to support the site.

As an additional element on this project, we also set up the AC Lawrie Professional Builders Facebook Business page - setting up the account, producing all the required profile content, and uploading an initial set of case study albums.


Digital Consultancy and on-going Strategy 

Working with personal trainer Tom Lynas, nekodigital have been and will be working through all online aspects of his Personal Training brand and associated HIIT class; from website content production, UX reviews, and email marketing planning to Social Media outreach, partner promotion and advertising strategies, this is a real top-to-tail client/consultant relationship, focussing on measured, strategic growth.

Working closely with Tom on a defined list of monthly tasks, we're able to not only provide the advice and support to build on existing platforms and deliver new incentives, but also work to upskill Tom himself, providing him with both the confidence and knowledge to become more involved with the Digital Marketing side of his business.


Website UX and CRO Audit, Landing Page Production and Email Signature creation

Spreading the neko word all the way Down Under, we worked with Kickstarter-funded high-tech, eco-friendly sportswear company OORR on a website User Experience and Conversion Rate Optimisation audit, creation of a more streamlined and professional email signature, and a new landing page, sharing their Kickstarter growth story.

We worked on updating their pre-existing Shopify website by way of cleaning up and streamlining the page templates to better display the available content, adding further detail to customer information pages, reviewing product categorisation and online store layout, as well as undergoing a mini project unto itself of extracting valuable content from embedded images and diagrams throughout the site, ensuring that the website was ranking for key search terms.


Social Strategy and eCommerce Consultancy

We worked with the founder of EWE, a new online video zine, to develop a Social strategy that would build an audience, and get people engaged with the product. 

We looked at which channels would work best for both the target demographic and the preferences of the Editor, the type of content that would perform well, the technical aspects of managing brand Social presence, and set out attainable goals to enable us to measure success.

In the lead up to the first issue launch, we also implemented an online store for EWE merchandise, and advised on paid Social marketing tactics to promote the new online shop.



Email Marketing

We consulted with the owner of Cøpperfield on their email marketing set up, and activity to date. 

We reviewed the technical set up of the regular event notification emails, and were able to make a number of improvements to the underlying elements of the template, ensuring the emails looked professional and engaging to recipients. 

We were also happy to work with the team on reviewing their campaign performance to date, as well as giving advice on how to manage their subscriber lists to ensure costs were kept down, whilst campaign effectiveness stayed up.


Website Design and Build

Marimo Adrift came to neko looking to modernise their website, and showcase more of their fantastic plant product variety. With stunning photography readily available, we worked to move the website to a new platform, streamline the design, and - by using a feed plug-in - increase their business efficiency by pulling through Facebook updates into a dynamic 'News' section in the site meaning they no longer needed to create duplicate content across platforms. 

A project driven by passion alongside a regular job, it was important to Marimo Adrift's founder that the platforms chosen were able to be free to use and easy to update, keeping maintenance costs to a minimum whilst still looking professional.


Digital Audit and Social Media Strategy

Working with the co-founders of Dandy Does, a lifestyle and travel blog, we were able to develop a Social strategy that brought a more business-minded approach to their side-project, identified key channels and effective content production methods and - crucially - broke down what seemed like a daunting range of tasks into manageable, achievable actions and steps. 

We also reviewed the structure of the website, and identified quick win areas of improvement, as well as planning out a new 'City Guide' section, allowing readers to quickly and easily find guides to help them plan their upcoming trips!