Technical Help for Small Businesses

Daunted by domains? Exasperated by eCommerce?

There are some bits of running a small business that are considerably less exciting - setting up custom email addresses, keeping up with domain renewals and making sure your eCommerce platform is set up correctly are DEFINITELY three of them!

Whilst these aren't the most fun aspects, they're absolutely integral in making sure you look professional to both current clients and prospects alike. Having a custom email address (instead of a or email) makes the right impression from the start, and a well considered check-out process ensures users don't become annoyed, or drop out.

At neko, we're well-versed in these behind-the-scenes necessities and can work with and for you to not only set-up you up correctly from the get go, but also explain how you can go forward managing these aspects in the future, keeping your running costs low.

If you'd like a free consultation, just drop us a line - we'd be more than happy to chat!

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